Our Journey

07 Sep 2013 Meeting at Mr. Azeez's Residence. All decided to form VRWA
01 Aug 2014 VRWA Registration work completed by our then GS Mr. Sampath Kumar.
20 Aug 2014 1st Meeting of VRWA Office Bearers at Mr. Azeez's office.
18 Sep 2014 Padayatra through 10th Cross and 8th Main Road to collect funds for J&K Flood Relief. We collected Rs, 30,000/- and sent DD to PM Relief Fund on 23 Sep 14. We received a letter of gratitude from PMO.
26 Dec 2014 2nd Meeting of OBs and EC Members at Azeez's Residence.
27 Dec 2014 Letters to Mayor & Commissioner, BBMP reg constitution of VRWA, etc.
02 Feb 2015 Meeting with BMTC MD reg improving bus services frm Vngr to BMTC Hubs
06 Feb 2015 Letters to BTP & BESCOM
23 Feb 2015 Joint spot-survey with BMTC for providing better Bus Connectivity.
15 Mar 2015 10th Cross Park Cleaning taken up. Rike,ReshmaNargund started.John joined.
18 Mar 2015 3rd Meeting of OBs & EC Members at Govt School, XI Main
27 Mar 2015 Handed over letter to BBMP regarding Adoption of X Cross Park.
01 Apr 2015 Membership drive started. 158 Members.
19 Apr 2015 4th Meeting of OBs and EC Members at Azeez's Residence.
27 Apr 2015 3 Lights (not working for several months) on 14th Main, finally rectified.
29 Apr 2015 Traffic Inspector Naveen Kumar came and discussed about 14th Main.
07 May 2015 Meeting with Jana USP regarding shifting of Cunningham Road bus stop.
09 May 2015 Meeting of 14th Main Residents at PSS to discuss issues relating to 14th Main.
16 May 2015 VRWA Members Whatsapp Group created. (presently 79 Members)
23 May 2015 Parking Lines Paint Work on 14th Main.
23 May 2015 5th Meeting of OBs and EC Members at Punjab Seva Samaj
24 May 2015 No Parking Boards fixed on 14th Main.
02 Jun 2015 Sri G. V. Somashekara (Member) passed away in NY. VRWA condoles his sad demise.
07 Jun 2015 Tree-planting at Namma Park.
18 Jun 2015 Took up Bescom Counter timings extension with MD, Bescom.
20 Jun 2015 Free Diabetes Screening Camp at IDCC. 161 persons took the tests.
01 Jul 2015 After many attempts by VRWA as well as Mr. Satendra Chopra, Bescom in principle agreed to open counter on Saturdays. However, they are looking for alternate accommodation before they extend.
23 Jul 2015 Adoption Documentation formalities with BBMP for NP completed.
25 Jul 2015 Meeting with Traffic ACP and Inspector at High Grounds Traffic Police Station. Meeting with BBMP Streetlight official and contractor.
27 Jul 2015 Tender Sure agreed to fix a new Street light at 7th Cross entrance from Cgm Rd (a stretch of 100m has always been dark) and fixed a new Pole for this.
28 Jul 2015 Condolence Meeting in 2nd Crs Park, in Memory of our beloved Abdul Kalam. About 90 Residents visited the Park between 7.45pm and 8.30pm.
02 Aug 2015 Fundraiser Event at Watson's (1st Main) for Project Namma Park. Collection.
09 Aug 2015 Mrs. Elizabeth Abraham (resident of 14th Main, and Mother of our Member Dr. Anil Abraham) who was a Botany Teacher and Head of Department at Mount Carmel College for over 35 Years, passed away.
22 Aug 2015 Peaceful conduct of BBMP Elections.
25 Aug 2015 Our General Secretary Sampath Kumar won the elections.
26Aug 2015 Felicitation of Sampath Kumar by VRWA at 2nd Crs Park.
01 Sep 2015 1st Cross Tar work re-done. Patch work done on 8th Main.
Took IE Representatives around Vasanthnagar for CB-GB Project at Vngr.
02 Sep 2015 Meeting at IE regarding CB-GB Project.
NP Core Committee Meeting at Sunil Residence.
03 Sep 2015 6th Meeting of VRWA OBs & ECs at residence of Mr. Raju (3rd Crs). Sampath Kumar resigns as General Secretary.
05 Sep 2015 Clean Bengaluru Green Bengaluru Inauguration and Cleaning Drive by The New Indian Express along with Volunteers. Retd IAS Officer AmaraNa.
06 Sep 2015 Continuation of previous day's work by Team IE.
Briefing of IE Reporter about BBMP Complex status.
08 Sep 2015 Meeting at IE to review the work last week-end and plan ahead. Attended by VRWA and Corporator Sampath Kumar
Handed over letter to High Grounds Inspector (Law & Order) regarding additional monitoring of surroundings of Parks in Vasanthnagar.
12 Sep 2015 Participation by VRWA in CBGB Project by IE Team
Ensured Spraying in some parts by BBMP Pest Control person.
23 Sep 2015 Meeting with BBMP Officials and Corporator reg Complex at the venue
04 Oct 2015 Conducted informal survey of roads in Vasanthnagar to identify potholes. 38.
08 Oct 2015 After huge efforts by our President Abdul Azeez, Vice President S. B. Patil, our Corporator Sampath Kumar and several others, BBMP Commercial Complex inaugurated by MP Shri P C Mohan, MLA Shri Roshan Baig, Mayor Shri Manjunath Reddy & ex-Corporator Shri Gunashekar as well as present Corporator Shri Sampath Kumar. Our President Shri Abdul Azeez felicitated all Dignitaries as well as handed over a Memorandum to MLA Shri Roshan Baig requesting for release of Additional Funds for our Area. This Inaguration was the culmination of Huge Efforts during the past 3 years by Shri Abdul Azeez, Shri Patil, Members of Senior Citizens' Forum headed by Shri Bagamane Krishne Gowda, and of course Shri Sampath Kumar. In addition, we received good support from the Media, especially The New Indian Express. We hope the Complex will be put to good use without any further delay and we will have Bangalore One and the Post Office here soon. In addition, the temporary shops near-by over the drain should be demolished and the entire area should be maintained very clean.
18 Oct 2015 First Members' Get-together held at Punjab Seva Samaj Hall.
22 Oct 2015 7th Meeting of VRWA OBs and EC Members at Mount Crest Academy
23 Oct 2015 Web Bazaar informed that they have made www.vrwa.in website ready for VRWA, and they did it without any charges.
01 Nov 2015 Kannada Rajyotsava Functions on several streets, in collaboration with Vasanthnagar Kannada Abhimanigala Sangha.
02 Nov 2015 Sunil Kumar gave details of works going on in full swing at 10th Cross Park.
03 Nov 2015 Informed by Corporator and AEE Bescom that based on our long-pending demand, Bescom has now made arrangements for keeping cash counter open on Fridays which fall in the second half of each month, in addition to Mondays and Thursdays every week.
04 Nov 2015 VRWA managed traffic on 8th Main following continuous rain and traffic jam. An Emergency Team was informally formed to tackle such situations.
06 Nov 2015 The tree on 14th Main (2nd Crs end) which was causing serious obstruction to movement, was finally cut by BBMP Forest Dept after following up since May 2015 with Forest Department BBMP, after active intervention by Corporator Sampath Kumar.
14 Nov 2015 VRWA along with IDCC organised Diabetes Awareness Walk around Vasanthnagar to commemmorate World Diabetes Day followed by a complimentary blood sugar check by IDCC.
23 Nov 2015 8th Meeting of VRWA OBs & ECMs held at Mount Crest Academy
26 Nov 2015 The temporary chicken shops to the South of the BBMP Commerical Complex, on top of the drain, were finally demolished by BBMP today.
03 Dec 2015 Meeting with MCC Principal regarding parking by hundreds of students in Vasanthnagar streets causing problems for residents. Letter handed over to MCC Principal and matter discussed. The Principal assured matter will be discussed and she would get back.
05 Dec 2015 Collected Bottled Water, Milk, Bread, Biscuits, Bakery Items, Rice, General Medicines, Disposable Syringes, Torches, Clothes, Sanitary Pads, etc. and sent them through Indian Express to the needy at Chennai after the Floods.
15 Dec 2015 Informal Meeting at NP, regarding funds disbursal for ongoing works.
18 Dec 2015 Letters in connection with violations of the Comml Construction on Palace Rd next to MCC, despatched to (a) Commissioner,BBMP & (b) Justice Nagarathna
19 Dec 2015 Joint campaign with Corporator and BBMP officials to bring awareness of Garbage-segregation among the residents.
22 Dec 2015 Our Most Distinguished and well-known Member Justice V. S. Malimath passed away late at night at the age of 86. VRWA mourns his passing away.
26 Dec 2015 Letters in connection with All Traffic matters sent to (a)Traffic Inspector, High Grounds, and (b) IGP & Addl Commr (Traffic) Dr. Saleem
Letters sent to Corporator Sampath Kumar regarding various matters of concern to be addressed by him. Copies of this sent to Hon. MLA and Hon. MP.
02 Jan 2016 Post Office started functioning at BBMP Commercial Complex from today with basic services. Formal inauguration later.
13 Jan 2016 Post Office started functioning at BBMP Commercial Complex from today with basic services. Formal inauguration later.
14 Jan 2016 Meeting with Corporator as well as AE Muralidhar at BBMP Complex regarding the illegal constructions causing problems to residents.
14 Jan 2016 Joint inspection with Streetlights contractor – after intervention of Corporator. Found 13 Lights needed repair / replacement / new fittings. Contractor assured work would be completed by Monday, 18 Jan.
16 Jan 2016 Joint inspection - of Metal plates broken on Miller Rd opp Pai Vihar Hotel – along with Mr. Gunashekar, corporator of Jayamahal. He assured early solution. Also requested him to allow usage of bbmp land between 1st Main and Railway Line for Vasanthnagar residents' benefit. He gave his verbal consent.
25 Jan 2016 The problem of Metal Plates on Miller Road solved, by welding fresh cross Plates.
01 Feb 2016 Took up the condition of Tender Sure issues pertaining to Cunningham Road abutting Vasanthnagar (between Palace Road and Miller Road) with the concerned BBMP Engineer for Tender Sure – Mr. Basavaraj Kabade and Mr. Umesh : Footpath towards 7th Cross badly designed, rock obstruction on Footpath, Road damaged, Step at shoulders, Water-logging, etc. Mr. Umesh responded immediately with a positive feedback, and assured of a joint inspection to identify the problems and work out practical solutions.
03 Feb 2016 Stopped traffic police from parking towed vehicles in the streets of Vasanthnagar (from Palace approach Roads, for GIM starting today).
05 Feb2016 Persuaded Site In-charge of PWD Construction (Govt Quarters North of 2nd Crs Park) to avoid all noise during night.
08 Feb 2016 Joint inspection of Tender Sure Cunningham Rd bordering Vngr with BBMP Engineer Mr Umesh and Contractors. They agreed to solve footpath-related issues raised by us.
10 Feb 2016 Traffic Inspector Mr. Suresh came for a Meeting with VRWA regarding traffic- related issues, and assured early action on pending issues. Joint inspection of 1st Main with him to identify problems and solutions. He explained about the new Traffic Signal Lights installed near Palace Main Gate.
12 Feb 2016 Pictures of garbage outside 2 Eateries on 8th Main triggered a visit to these shops by VRWA. The shop owners assured that they will proactively keep their surroundings clean.
13 Feb 2016 9th Meeting of VRWA OBs & ECMs held at BBMP Commercial Complex.
19 Feb 2016 Took up joint inspection of 1st Main with BBMP Engineer Mr. Eshwarappa. Pointed out several problems. Mr. Eshwarappa assured that as far as possible, these issues will be attended, and he also assured of another joint inspection after the work is completed in about 2 weeks time. - - Mrs. Seetha Ramachandra announced a donation of Rs. 10,000/- to VRWA after the matter of her tenant not vacating her premises was resolved smoothly and amicably by VRWA
03 Mar 2016 Footpath to approach Cunningham Road via 7th Cross, altered with Steps instead of steep slope, after discussions with Tender Sure Team (on 08 Feb). - Joint inspection of each Streetlight in Vasanthnagar with Sampath Kumar at night to identify Dark Spots needing new Fittings, defective streetlights.
08 Mar 2016 Discussions with BBMP Engineer Eshwarappa to get the loose stone pillar at entrance of Loop Rd (from 1st Mn) fixed properly.
10 Mar 2016 IDCC starts issuing Privilege Cards to all Members of VRWA.
17 Mar 2016 VRWA President Mr. Abdul Azeez & General Secretary Rajkumar Dugar & EC Member Mrs. Lalitha Srinivasan nominated as Members of Arogya Raksha Samiti(ARS) – headed by Corporator Sampath Kumar - of BBMP Health Centre at 1st Mn Rd.
18 Mar 2016 Loose Stone Pillar re-fixed properly after VRWA took up the issue with BBMP Engineer Mr. Eshwarappa on 08 Mar 2016.
20 Mar 2016 Open Gym work to begin in Park opp Gullu's chaat in Kumara Park. VRWA requested Corporator Sampath Kumar to have one in 2nd Crs Park,Vasanthnagar.
21 Mar 2016 BBMP Engineer Mr. Umesh came for joint inspection of problems with Tender Sure works on Cunningham Road and agreed to address issues of water-logging and slight re-working of Bus Bay.
22 Mar 2016 Suggestions to plant trees started a discussion on VRWA WhatsApp.
27 Mar 2016 Meeting held at Stay Inn regarding Tree-planting. 4 teams formed.
30 Mar 2016 Teams begin to identify points for planting.
31 Mar 2016 New Sodium Light with Pole fixed on road connecting 6th & 7th Crs by Corporator Sampath Kumar.
01 Apr 2016 VRWA has been demanding that the MCC Grounds must be allowed to be used by the residents of Vasanthnagar. Corporator Sampath Kumar strongly put forth this demand during BBMP Council Meeting today.
02 Apr 2016 Meeting of Tree-planting group at Stay Inn
09 Apr 2016 Marking of pit-points for tree-planting begins.
11 Apr 2016 Completed marking over 250 points.
12 Apr 2016 Digging of pits started.
15 Apr 2016 All 120 Members of VRWA (out of 191) whose numbers appear under WhatsApp included in VRWA Members group.
16 Apr 2016 Corporator Sampath Kumar informed VRWA Members about the list of works sanctioned in the Ward 93.
23 Apr 2016 Tree-planting inaugurated by Sri Raghavendra Rajkumar. About 175 Saplings planted.
26 Apr 2016 Mrs. Lalitha Srinivasan handed over school bags to a group of school-children who volunteered during the preparation for Tree-planting.
Documentation of Tree-planting started.
27 Apr 2016 All debris due to Tree-planting cleared. All pits filled with red mud.
29 Apr 2016 BBMP decides to remove zonal changes so that BBMP Tax Increase burden is reduced.
Smoke coming out of Syndicate Bank Building noticed by a neighbour and Rajkumar. Immediately, information given to Police, Fire Brigade & Members. VRWA Members helped in logistics (keeping traffic and crowd clear) and the fire personnel brought the fire under control quickly. The entire process was over in 35 minutes.
05 May 2016 Meeting with BMTC reg Feeder Services between Cubbon Park Metro Station and Vasanthnagar. Encouraging response.
06 May 2016 BMTC Team conducted joint Route Inspection.
01 Jun 2016 Tenth Mtg of VRWA OBs&ECMs at Mrs.Seetha Ramachandra's premises.
Signing of MOU with Vikram Hospital for Privileges for our Members.
05 Jun 2016 Organised a Training on First Aid & CPR by Dr. Dinakar hosted by Fortis Hospital.
16 Jun 2016 After about 2 months of efforts from our side, finally, BMTC officially informed us that the BMTC Feeder Service has started. This was an electrifying news. We quickly put in place a campaign to reach out to everybody in and around Vasanthnagar to inform them about this Service.
19 Jun 2016 Our Senior Member Shri Lakappa Gowda passed away.
20 Jun 2016 Campaign to inform people about the Feeder Service starts with 100 Posters and 8000 Flyers.

Meeting at BBMP Commercial Complex along with Corporator, to condole the passing away of Shri Lakappa Gowda.
23 Jun 2016 About 15 Members including President and Corporator took the Feeder Bus Trip to Cubbon Park, and decided to shift the Service to Vidhana Soudha instead of Cubbon Park.
24 Jun 2016 Meeting with BMTC officials (Ypur Depot) accompanied with Corporator.
25 Jun 2016 Meeting at Janaaagraha office with Officials of BBMP, Bescom, BWSSB, Traffic Police. We presented issues from our side.
26 Jun 2016 A few of our Members were live on National DD News along with PM's Mann Ki Baat programme.
27 Jun 2016 Attended Bescom Customer Interaction Meeting at Ananda Rao Circle Office.
02 Jul 2016 Vasanthnagar Swachatha Abhiyana oragnised on 8th Main by Vijaya Vaani. Participation by VRWA along with Corporator and BBMP Staff.
03 Jul 2016 Bus Shelter on 1st Main inaugurated by MLA and Corporator. VRWA presented a Letter to MLA highlighting few points which need his immediate attention. He assured suitable action on most points.
04 Jul 2016 Family Health Cards for all Members (as on 31 March 2016) received from Vikram Hospital. Distribution begins
06 Jul 2016 14th Main corner cleaning (footpath debris removal) done, after this issue was taken up by VRWA with Corporator. He visited the spot and assured cleaning of drain within this week.
07 Jul 2016 Meeting with Shangri-La GM regarding loud music at night. He assured there will not be any disturbance henceforth.
10 Jul 2016 Con woman apprehended and taken to High Grounds Police Station, after co- ordinated action by VRWA Members.
12 Jul 2016 Discussions with BWSSB AEE & EE (High Grounds) regarding changing of Sewage Lines in Vasanthnagar. Handed over letter in this connection.
14 Jul 2016 20 Fresh pits dug for Saplings.
15 Jul 2016 14th Main corner drain & footpath cleaned, by BBMP.
16 Jul 2016 Decided to take up Children's Day Out for 100 Under-privileged Children
17 Jul 2016 Planted 20 new Saplings in new locations in Vasanthnagar.
24 Jul 2016 Meeting with Ms. Bhavana Chairperson of Bal Bhavan. VRWA was given permission to conduct Children's Day Out Programme for Undeprivileged Children - without any charges - on 15 Aug 2016.
27 Jul 2016 Mr. Sudhir Pai, CEO of Vikram Hospital, agreed to be major Sponsor for CDO
28 Jul2016 Inspection of Street lights (partly with Corporator Mr. Sampath Kumar). Found 22 Lights not working and 4 new Fittings required.
10 Aug 2016 Letter from Shangri-La Hotel to President Mr. Abdul Azeez assuring solution for noise on weekends.
15 Aug 2016 Children's Day Out for underprivileged Children held at Bal Bhavan, Cubbon Park. About 120 Children participated. It was a packed programme of education, entertainment, fun, food and plenty of Gifts for these Children.
22 Aug 2016 A delegation from VRWA CDO Organising Committee visited Navachethana Trust (School for Special Children) and handed over Gifts to children as well as a token Donation.
27 Aug 2016 VRWA Members participated in KILL BILL campaign organised by BPAC.
Sudden massive flow of BWSSB Water from Palace Rd into Vasanthnagar. VRWA Members co-ordinated with BWSSB and got the leakage plugged.
07 Sep 2016 Members of VRWA donated blood at the Blood Donation Camp organised by Friends' Association on 1st Cross, Vasanthnagar.
09 Sep 2016 Sad demise of our Senior Member Sri Krishne Gowda (3rd Cross). He was also President of Vasanthnagar Senior Citizens' Forum.
11 Sep 2016l Condolence meeting held by VRWA in memory of Sri Krishne Gowda at 2nd Cross Park.
19 Sep 2016 Meeting of Organising Committee for Community Cleaning Drive slated for 02 Oct 2016 in collaboration with Corporator and BBMP.
Play Equipment for children installed at NP.
25 Sep 2016 Meeting of Organising Committee for CCD (Mrs. Seetha Ramchandra's res).
29 Sep 2016 President Mr. Abdul Azeez, VP Mr. S B Patil, GS Rajkumar Dugar, Organising Secretary Mr. Sunil Kumar and Member Mr. Bhanu Prakash met Hon. Home Minister GoK & handed over letter requesting for CCTV Camera System to be urgently installed in Vasanthnagar. Hon. HM assured of instructions to appropriate Authorities.
Eleventh Mtg of VRWA OBs&ECMs at Mr. Bhanu Prakash's residence.
30 Sep 2016 Meeting of Organising Committee for CCD (Mrs. Seetha Ramchandra's res.)
02 Oct 2016 VRWA organised a unique Community Cleaning Drive along with Corporator Mr. Sampath Kumar, BBMP JC Mr. Sarfaraz Khan, Waste Management Expert Mr. Ramakant, Composting Expert Ms. Nalini Shekar. About 50 PKs were felicitated and handed over Gifts as a token of appreciation and encouragement to them. The Residents were trained in Composting and usage of Poop- scoopers. They then went around cleaning the Main Road along with talking to Shop-keepers and Eateries about Waste Management and Avoiding Plastic.